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Prospective patients want to know what I recommend for them and the price for treatment. Our online consultation is fast, easy and private. Welcome to the benefits of the digital age!

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How Our Online Consultation Process Works

1. Online

Fill out the online consultation form on your phone or computer, add photos and tell Dr. Daniels about yourself and your goals.

2. Reply

Dr. Daniels will get back to you with his recommendations and pricing for procedures that fit your goals.

3. Schedule

If you’d like to move forward, we’ll schedule an in person consultation and pre-operative appointment.

“EXTREMELY informative doctor with great staff! Out of all of my consults he is the only doctor that gave me so much informative information and made me feel confident and comfortable with him doing my augmentation.”

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Need to ask the staff a general question? Are you a previous patient who needs to get in touch? This option is reserved for general inquiries not related to patient consultations, procedure information or procedure cost. For answers to those questions, use the consultation form below. Also, no solicitations, please.

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