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Liposuction (also called Liposculpture) is the selective removal of fat from under the skin thru tiny “nick” incisions using a hollow metal tube (Cannula). Prior to removing the fat the area is infused with a solution containing local anesthetic and adrenaline (Tumescent Technique) to minimize discomfort and blood loss. There are a number of devices available for liposuction. These include laser-assisted (SmartLipo, SlimLipo), ultrasound-assisted (Vaser) and power-assisted (PALS). Claims by the manufacturers of laser and ultrasound assisted devices that the heat generated by the devices causes the skin to shrink better have no basis in the scientific literature and are merely marketing hype. Cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting) has limited applicability and needs multiple treatments to achieve a noticeable result. Dr. Daniels has considerable experience with a variety of devices, including ultrasonic (Vaser) and power-assisted (PALS) devices and currently favors power-assisted liposuction for its precision, safety and reliability. Dr. Daniels feels that whatever device is used is secondary to the experience and skill of the surgeon. Dr. Daniels has performed liposuction on patients ranging in age from 16 to 66 and gives each patient a detailed evaluation and treatment plan so they may best know where they will benefit most from liposuction and what results to expect. Liposuction is a wonderful tool for removing fat from areas that are resistant to diet and exercise, such as the abdomen and lovehandles/muffin top and thighs.

Patients who have had children or experienced a history of significant weight gain followed by weight loss often have excess skin (with or without excess fat) as their primary problem and will benefit most from some form of excisional surgery. Post-Bariatric Surgery patients often have excess skin in a number of areas necessitating more than one procedure. To schedule a consultation for liposuction in Orange County call 562.597.4575.

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To schedule a consultation for liposuction in Long Beach call 562.597.4575.

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