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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Long Beach CA

Breast Reconstruction

Not limiting his practice to only elective breast surgery, Dr. Daniels has considerable experience and expertise in Breast Reconstruction, with both prosthetic (Tissue Expander) and patient-self tissue options (TRAM, Latissimus Flaps). These procedures are usually covered by insurance.

Breast Reconstruction offers much hope for a woman losing her breast to cancer. Depending on health conditions, this procedure can often be performed immediately after the mastectomy. However, in some cases a mastectomy patient may have to wait before undergoing reconstructive surgery. Either way, reconstructive surgery can give hope that the post-operative breast can match the natural breast(s) again.

Reconstruction of the breast following mastectomy is a very rewarding procedure to both the patient and Dr. Daniels. Many women describe a feeling of once again being whole. There are many resources available regarding breast reconstruction. Additionally, there are support groups available where women can meet women who have gone through these procedures and discuss shared experiences. Take advantage of these invaluable resources.

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