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Vasculight Laser Blood Vessel Treatment

What is a vascular lesion? A vascular lesion is a blood vessel(s) that has expanded below the skin. They appear in different forms, sizes and clusters anywhere on the body and are all typically red,purple or blue in colour. Typical vessels in the leg have deeper feeder (reticular) vessels that are not effectively treated by sclero (injection) therapy.

How does Laser therapy work? The laser light impacts the vessel and coagulates the blood, effectively shutting down that vessel. To the rest of the skin the laser is harmless as the light is absorbed by the target vessel only.

How many treatments are required? Certain lesions may require more than one treatment depending on their size and type. Depending upon the size and number of the abnormal vessels, between 25-75% clearance may be achieved with one treatment. The individual response varies with skin type, colour, and the vessels treated.

What happens after treatment? The Vasculight laser usually results in no bruising or crusting and you may return to work that same day.You must avoid hot tubs and aeorobic exercise for 48 hours after treatment. Depending on the size of the vessels treated in the legs, you may be asked to wear support hose for 48 hours. It is a good idea to avoid any sun exposure for 4-6 weeks after a treatment.

Is it safe? A combination of the right wavelength and pulsing creates the perfect technique for removing spider vein and vascular lesions. Published studies state that the risk of scarring is less than 1%.

Are there any treatment alternatives? Yes, (e.g. electocautery) but none are as effective and the risk of scarring is greater. In addition, they may not be feasible to diffuse extensive lesions.

How much does it cost? Charges are based upon the time required for treatment or the number of pulses employed. Total cost will depend on the number of treatments and the size of the area.

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