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Hi my name is Da’Niesha I’m 21 years old and I am a patient of Dr.Daniels who was recommended by my cousins mother in law. I’m not even quite sure where to start however I’ll start off with a phrase I love Dr.Daniels and the beautiful gift of new boobs he has given me. From having multiple consultations with my family and I to ensure this is a cosmetic surgery I want, to taking the time out to answer all of my mothers along with my questions, he is a absolute gift from God and the most talented cosmetic surgeon out there. I have recommended everyone I know to go to him for any cosmetic surgery and I hope they have or are planning on it. I have gotten so many compliments from friends, strangers and family. My confidence has been boosted tremendously, I am comfortable in my own body now and it is such a relieving and amazing feeling. Dr. Daniels along with his team made sure I did my research and he was very straight forward and honest. He informed me of the pros and cons and wasn’t after my money at all but instead wanted to educate me. No other cosmetic surgeon/plastic surgeon I had consultations with was like Dr.Daniels. I can write a whole bibliography about him honestly because he is a unique, genuine, and honest surgeon. My first consultation which was in July 2021, was amazing. By that one visit with Dr.Daniels my family and I, instantly knew he was the doctor for me. He showed me before and after pics, and informed me I will hate my boobs during the healing process which I did but I trusted him and my boobs look fantastic since they have dropped. By October 1 I had scheduled my surgery for November 4, 2021. My surgery was smooth, and painless. They played my favorite artist Kacey Musgrave’s for me in the operating room and after that I woke up with beads around my neck and Dr.Daniel along with his team congratulating me. To go on, I only took the medication Dr.Daniels prescribed me for about 2 weeks along with edibles my mother had gotten me (sorry Dr.Daniel). I stopped the pills after 2 weeks because they did cause some depression however the pharmacist warns you about that and so does Dr.Daniels which is normal after a cosmetic surgery because you don’t recognize yourself along with other things. However the edibles were really all I needed after 2 weeks because I wasn’t in a ton of pain except when my mom use to do the massages but that is totally normal. My boobs are lovely now I don’t feel pain anymore and my scaring is practically invisible. After the surgery we were amazed by how small the incision cuts were, which is amazing because with other cosmetic surgeons they were talking about leaving huge incision scars where Dr.Daniels incision cuts are precise and leave none to little scars. Growing up boobs were something I always wanted due to my family having huge boobs, yet it unfortunately skipped a generation with my sister and I. He has fixed of my insecurities I had for years and gave me a self of peace, and made me feel even more beautiful about myself.

Thank you Dr.Daniels, I appreciate you!

“I had a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Daniels on July the 3rd. I could not be happier with the results! Immediately, he made me feel comfortable during the consultation. He was very willing to answer any and all of my questions. I am so very pleased with his artistry that I would recommend his talent and knowledge to anyone considering an enhancement to their own body.”

“Doctor D, I am really enjoying my new “weapons” Thank you for a job well done.”

“My friend referred me and I would have never tried any procedures like this without that referral. Dr. Daniels office is the best! I was one of those people who was totally skeptical and frankly afraid of doing anything that involves skin and lasers, especially because I have tan skin. Well, my friend sure did point me in the right direction and this is the only place I’ll ever go for botox, dysport, laser hair removal, etc. Dr. Daniels staff are totally professional, and they all look great themselves, so they must be doing something right and know what they’re doing!”

“Dr. Daniels, Thanks for making me a sexy teacher!”

“EXTREMELY informative doctor with great staff! Out of all of my consults he is the only doctor that gave me so much informative information and made me feel confident and comfortable with him doing my augmentation.”

“Thank you Dr. Daniels for helping me put my breasts forward”

“We visited many and saved Dr. Daniels for last. Wow!!!! He has a way to make ladies feel comfortable. His staff is awesome. LB Community hospital is awesome and spotless. They played 60s music in the ER. Results were FANTASTIC! Meeting the Doctor and his staff was a nice relief after a dozen other doctors all over So. Cal. We saved him for last consultation as we had heard he was the best. He was. Other doctors were like car salesmen, adding fees that were not necessary. Our goals were met! Thank you!”

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